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Located on bet5365中文亚洲版(中国)股份有限公司郡 University’s Stoke campus. You can choose from:

  • Renting a desk in a shared office space called 在孵化器* - £65 per month
  • Renting an office space, accommodating up to 4 people - £305 per month


* 在孵化器 is a shared office space housing up to 5 businesses. 它为处于发展初期的公司提供了一块跳板.



  • A fully equipped meeting room with integrated video conferencing equipment
  • A second breakout meeting room
  • A virtual reception area with post room
  • 碰撞的空间
  • Kitchen space/social area
  • On campus facilities including coffee shops, cafes, food courts and shops
  • R&D labs, equipment listed below


  • By car: Easy reach of the M6 motorway, A50 and A34 if you’re travelling by car.
  • By rail: Two minutes’ walk of 特伦特河畔斯托克 railway station. 我们是:
      • 35 minutes from Manchester 
      • 45 minutes from Birmingham
      • 90 minutes from London
  • By bus: Excellent bus links with the city centre and wider area.
  • Parking: On campus parking available for £10 a month

Specialist facilities

在孵化办公室的同一栋楼里,我们有自己专门的先进材料实验室. 这家专业设施拥有广泛的设备,以支持和加快您的业务.

This facility sits alongside our digital, advanced manufacturing, 所有孵化器租户和行业相关企业都可以使用媒体和创客设施,促进跨界行业和网络机会.

Quantum Efficiency Measurement System (QEM)

量子电磁是一种测量量子效率的灵活解决方案,是材料研究和电池设计的关键.  这个系统将使您能够修改您的材料的组成和排版,以在最广泛的波长范围内优化转换.


It has the capability to perform the following measurements:

  • IV测试
  • Spectral Response (SR)
  • External Quantum Efficiency/IPCE (QE)
  • Internal Quantum Efficiency/IPCE (IQE)
  • Sample Reflectance (REFL)


  • 最大的量化宽松政策
  • 最大的量化宽松政策 Wavelength
  • 最大的老
  • 最大的老 Wavelength
  • Total Integrated Power
  • Maximum Reflectance
  • Maximum Reflectance Wavelength
  • Automated IV Curves
  • VOC, Isc, Rshunt, Rs, Pmax measurements

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

A compact and versatile forensic laboratory instrument, 激光诱导击穿光谱仪(LIBS)是样品元素分析的理想工具, serving industries such as forensics, 考古, engineering and ceramics

激光诱导击穿光谱技术(LIBS)是一种多功能的分析技术,在速度方面有明显的优势, sensitivity and cost effectiveness over other processes such as XRF, 扫描电镜, and mass spectrometry. LIBS elemental analysis is fast, 操作简单, requires minimal sample preparation, gives immediate results of the elements and is sensitive to low parts per million.

  • Uncomplicated and simply presented, 集成软件为用户提供对所有系统功能的完全控制,以及自动识别元素.
  • 采样室的实时视频图像能够在触发光谱采集之前精确地校准样品.
  • Comprehensive emissions library identifies elements present within a sample
  • Gateable back thinned scientific grade resistive gate CCD covering 225 – 380 nm
  • Gateable CMOS detectors covering 380 – 930 nm
  • 2 microsecond minimum integration time for UV detector
  • Wavelength range of 225-930nm
  • 0.14nm optical resolution in the UV
  • Gateable detectors
  • Large examination bed. Analyse items up to 300 x 210mm
  • XYZ sample positioning/focusing stage
  • Integral colour camera with digital zoom for sample selection.
  • 氩气气氛的规定,以提高信号强度和信号平均提高信噪比

Particle Size Analyser

Particle size and size distribution directly influences the material properties, such as rate of dissolution, 反应速率, how it looks and texture.

例如, 在油漆制造中,可能需要特定的色相,它是由特定大小的粒子散射光线的方式来定义的.


Ability to measure wet and dry samples.

Micro indentation and micro scratch testing

Aimed at the ceramics and engineering industries.

Micro Scratch Tester (MST)广泛用于表征典型厚度在5μm以下的薄膜和涂层的实际粘附失效. 微划痕测试仪也用于分析有机和无机涂层以及软涂层和硬涂层.

Applications include thin and multilayer CVD, 周围性血管疾病, PECVD, 光致抗蚀剂, 油漆, 油漆, and several other types of films.

研究 areas and industries utilize this instrument for microelectronics, 光学涂层, protective and decorative surface coatings. 衬底可以是软的,也可以是硬的,包括玻璃、半导体、折光材料和有机材料.

Impedance analyser

Impedance is an important parameter used to characterize electronic components, the materials used to make components and electronic circuits.

阻抗分析也可用于表征具有介电特性的材料,如生物组织, foodstuffs or geological samples. It has a wide range of applications, including material analysis, device characterization, component testing and bio-impedance.

It comes in three distinct hardware implementations, 这三种实现结合起来,可以实现从超低频到高频的探测,可以实现从µΩ到TΩ的阻抗测量.

Key specifications of an impedance analyser are the frequency range, 阻抗范围, absolute impedance accuracy and phase angle accuracy.

Contact angle goniometer

The contact angle is the angle, conventionally measured through the liquid, where a liquid–vapor interface meets a solid surface. 它通过杨氏方程量化了液体对固体表面的润湿性.

它随表面张力的变化而变化,因此随液体的温度和纯度而变化. 表面粗糙度对表面的接触角和润湿性有很强的影响. 粗糙度的影响取决于液滴是否会润湿表面沟槽,或者是否会在液滴和表面之间留下气穴.

Digital USB microscope

The bet5365中文亚洲版(中国)股份有限公司郡 Advanced Materials, Incubator & 加速器中心(SAMIAC)是bet5365中文亚洲版(中国)股份有限公司的一个专门设施,支持先进材料领域的孵化和加速增长,是英国研究创新(UKRI)的一部分。.

SAMIAC is a one-stop-shop for innovation, 开发和发展与区域业务相关的先进材料, utilising the research capacity at bet5365中文亚洲版(中国)股份有限公司郡 University. 位于特伦特河畔斯托克的bet5365中文亚洲版(中国)股份有限公司企业区内,我们的设施提供:

  • 11 brand new incubator offices
  • 在孵化器
  • A fully equipped meeting room with integrated video conferencing equipment
  • A second breakout meeting room
  • A virtual reception area
  • 碰撞的空间


该专业机构支持先进材料领域的孵化和加速增长,是英国研究创新(UKRI)的一部分。.  它旨在支持以下部门的企业开发基于科学的新产品和工艺:

  • 陶瓷
  • 航空航天
  • 汽车
  • 能源
  • Medical Technology Agri-Tech


Through SAMIAC, you will be backed by an award-winning institution.

  • Over £100m recently invested in state-of-the-art facilities
  • Shortlisted for University of the Year - Times Higher Education Awards 2020
  • Top 250 Young University - Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020
  • 78%的研究被认为是世界领先或具有国际重要性-研究卓越框架2014

在一个全新的专门创新和企业环境中,你将得到知识和专业知识的指导和支持. You will get access to professional training and development opportunities, academic and technical expertise, 以及我们专业团队的支持,以确保您最大限度地利用每一个可用的机会来支持您的业务. 


 As a bet5365中文亚洲版(中国)股份有限公司郡 University tenant, you will benefit from the following: 

  • Exclusive access to networking, mentoring, and training platforms
  • Discounted rates for recruiting bet5365中文亚洲版(中国)股份有限公司郡 University interns
  • 专门的客户经理,以确保您是第一个听到新举措
  • Access to on-campus facilities and discount for on-site gym
  • Publicity – press releases, social media, case studies and more
  • Free listing on our tenant webpage
  • Invitations to university events

Get in touch with our Employer 合作伙伴关系 team to find out more.

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